Energy Storage and Clean Energy Integration: State Policy and Program Strategies

December 17, 2021, 8:30 - 9:30 AM ET

Energy storage technologies enable energy produced from renewable sources, such as solar and wind, to be stored and released when customers need power most. As such, energy storage solutions will be critical in achieving clean energy, climate change, and clean energy-related economic development goals. In both the United States and India, state-level actions can be key to opening markets and opportunities for energy storage. In this technical workshop, Indian State Nodal Agencies and U.S. State Energy Offices are invited to learn about the current landscape of energy storage technologies as well as the policy and planning strategies that can use to advance this critical technology.

This workshop is being organized as part of a partnership among the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Association of Renewable Energy Agencies of States (AREAS), and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), with the goal of promoting knowledge exchange among U.S. and Indian subnational energy policymakers. It is supported by the SED Fund. The intended audience for this workshop includes members of AREAS, India’s State Nodal Agencies, and members of NASEO, the governor-designated State and Territory Energy Offices in the United States.


1 - Setting the Scene (20 minutes)
Moderator: Neelima Jain, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, Wadhwani Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies

  • Opening Remarks: Sh. Jeevan Kumar Jethani, Executive Director, Association of Renewable Energy Agencies of States
  • The State of Play in Energy Storage Technology and Policy: Jeremy Twitchell, Senior Energy Analyst, Energy Policy and Economics Group, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

2 - Framing the Discussion (25 minutes)
Moderator: Sandy Fazeli, Senior Managing Director, National Association of State Energy Officials

  • U.S. State Case Studies: Assessments and Policymaking in Energy Storage
    Ryan Young, Project Manager, Iowa Energy Office
    Geoffrey Bristow, Regional Energy Program Manager, Energy Program Office, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

3 - Questions, Discussion, and Wrap-Up (15 minutes)

Contact: Sandy Fazeli