NASEO Selects New Energy Equity Committee Co-Chair

Stacey Washington, Deputy Director of the Energy Office at the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff, will join Michael Furze, Director of the State Energy Office at the Washington State Department of Commerce, as co-chair of NASEO's Energy Equity Committee. Stacey has been an active member of the Energy Equity Committee since its founding and will bring a wealth of experience and dedication to the new role. At the South Carolina Energy Office, Stacey leads education, outreach, and energy justice activities across multiple program areas, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transportation.

The NASEO Energy Equity Committee convenes State and Territory Energy Offices, NASEO Affiliate members, industry stakeholders, and experts for discussions and best practice exchanges. Information on upcoming meetings is available on the NASEO Events page. Contact Maddie Koewler at for more information.